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Discarded electrical appliances or electronic devices must be systematically disposed to ensure 100% safety and reduced carbon footprint.


Our team comprises of skilled expertise in recycling to implement highly efficient low-cost procedures for recycling e waste along with Logistics Arrangements, Data Destruction & Take-Back services.

Logistics Arrangement

Our logistics team transport the E- waste from collection centers to dismantlers and recyclers across Pan India ,where we ensure that transporter, warehouse collection points are all safe as well as environmentally sound.



Our recyclers /dismantlers completely erase the data from the equipment / technology, and physical destruction is carried out by our team to make sure that data from the hard drive is completely irrecoverable.

Take Back 

Our take back services ensure hassle free waste disposal for the consumer’s doorstep to the recycling facilities. Thus, creating ease of waste disposal, helping people to get the maximum value for their disposal and realize the value of their waste.

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